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ARTINNO, a “featured town” of Zhejiang province covering a space of 3.5 square kilometers as planned, sits at the core area of Zhijiang Belt for Cultural Industries in Hangzhou. Liu Ji, a great Chinese fortuneteller back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), left his comment that it was the very place to promise supreme power and wealth. Today, Artinno is considered an urban attraction comprised of picturesque views and cultural sites, so alluring to whoever in pursuit of art, retro styles and celebrity in cyberspace. It never fails to delight you with breath-taking views and recreational spots anytime, including the “top ten places to go” that we are so proud of. Along with what we have now, therefore, we are going to make it a great model to all featured towns in respect of cultural industries, career development for designers, and the future of digital art.
  • 小冰島:原生態的冷冽荒野感,風靡杭城的五星網紅打卡點(★★★★★)
    Xiao Bingdao (Little Iceland)A must to go nowadays for whoever in search of such an unworldly natural sight that exists perhaps in Iceland only.

  • 藝創綠地:小鎮的標志打卡地,面積約5600平的草坪區(★★★★★)
    Yichuang Lvdi (Greensward of Artinno)A greensward, as a signature Artinno spot, covering a space of some 5,600 square meters.

  • 鳳眠書吧:香港著名軟裝設計師方振華.設計,杭州唯一一家24小時開放的可通借通還的圖書館(★★★★★)
    Fengmian Shuba (Fengmian Book Club & Café)The city’s first and only 24/7 book-lending facility designed by Patrick C. W. Fong, a renowned FF&E designer from Hong Kong, as an affiliate to Hangzhou Public Library.

  • 鳳凰藝市:杭州市最具特色的文創集市,網紅達人和模特喜愛的外景攝影場所(★★★★★)
    Fenghuang Yishi (Fair for Innovations and Arts) A must-go spot to find innovative artworks and to spotlight cyber celebrities and models as well.

  • 懷舊食巷:杭州唯一一處水泥廠風格的“美味食巷”(★★★★★)
    Huaijiu Shixiang (Food Lane Recalling Old Days)A lane flanked by bars and cafés all converted from leftover buildings.

  • 水杉鷺影:20年以上樹齡的水杉色彩斑斕,魚翔淺底,鷺影翻飛的林蔭道(★★★★)
    Shuishan Luying (A Glimpse of Egrets over Wooded Pond)A densely-shaded habitat for a range of wild species like metasequoia trees, which are all over 20 years old, and egrets skimming over the crystal pond.

  • 習語星光:習近平總書記經典名句的內廷游步道(★★★★)
    Xiyu Xingguang (Stars of Quotes from President Xi)Stars aligned and engraved with quotes from the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

  • 銀杏階庭:銀杏翩躚起舞的休閑中庭(★★★)
    Yinxing Jieting (Stepped Courtyard Alive with Ginkgo Trees)A courtyard that is stepped and furnished with ginkgo trees.

  • 五彩流霞:長約200米的特色游步道(★★★)
    Wucai Liuxia (Sidewalks Attired in A Riot of Colors)A pair of colored sidewalks some 200 meters long.

  • 藝苑廣場:“可觀、可居、可游”的下沉式廣場(★★★)
    Yiyuan Guangchang (Sunken Plaza of Phoenix Building)A sunken plaza attached to the Phoenix Innovation Buildings for people to work, relax and stay.

    • 全國首個由水泥廠改造的文化創意園
    • 全國唯一一個以藝術創意為特色的國家大學科技園
    • 全省首個由城中村改造而成的文化創意藝術街區
    • The first cultural & creative park converted from a cement plant in China
    • The only national university science park in China best known for its cultural & creative industries
    • The first cultural & creative district converted from an urban village in Zhejiang province
    • 聯系地址:杭州市西湖區轉塘街道創意路1號
    • 咨詢電話:0571-87099115
    • NO.1 Chuangyi Road,Zhuantang Town,West
    • Lake District,Hangzhou City
    • Tel:0571-87099115
  • 鳳凰·創意國際
  • 鳳凰·創意大廈
  • 象山藝術公社
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